Family-Friendly Breweries In Washington State


Being the parents of a young child and avid beer drinkers, my wife and I are always looking for family-friendly places we can both indulge our hobby and bring along the little one. Fortunately a lot of the breweries around us fit the bill. A lot, but not all.

More than once we’ve driven to a brewery only to find a “No Minors” sign on the door. My wish is that breweries would list this kind of information on their web sites but that is usually not the case. (Small digression: Dear breweries, if you have a tap room open to the public, please post that prominently on your web site along with pertinent information like opening hours and family-friendliness.)

So I’ve started to keep track of the family-friendly breweries in Washington. If it’s on this list, we have not only visited the brewery, but brought our child along as well. If you know differently or have a brewery that’s not on the list, let me know and we’ll check it out. I will continue to update the collection as we try more breweries.

I present here my Everplaces collection of Family-Friendly Breweries in Washington State.

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Bottling Our 2013 Holiday Brew


Today we are bottling our Imperial Bourbon Barrel Porter. I think we’ll be sticking with the name TK-421.2.0 as it essentially the same as the last imperial porter we brewed but with the addition of bourbon soaked oak chips.

We brewed it three weeks ago then moved it to the secondary two weeks ago. Last week, after letting them soak for a week, I added the oak chips and bourbon to the secondary and let it go for another week. I was a little worried that it might be come over oaked as I read that can happen, but I think it tastes just fine.

So two more weeks in the bottle and it should be ready for drinking right around Thanksgiving.

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A Different Kind Of Homebrew


There has been a remarkable lack of posting on this blog lately which, unfortunately, mirrors the lack of brewing that’s been going on at home. This is entirely down to a homebrew of a different sort.

Allow me to introduce the newest member of the Broman Brewing team, Arya Broman. Born May 26, 2012. Weighing in at 8 lbs and 20 in. when standing tall (which she is not, in any way, able to do yet).

We hope to brew up a new brew soon though, so stay tuned.

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H2K11: Serve it up


After our last batch of beer and the slight carbonation issue, I decided to give this batch a full three weeks before cracking a bottle to check. Which I did on Monday. At the popping of the top there was a very quite little “pfssss”, but not nearly as robust as I was hoping for.

It wasn’t flat like last time, but was not as carbonated as I would have liked. Taste-wise it was pretty tasty. Dark like a porter should be with a lovely pumpkin flavor on the finish. After another couple of days I tried another bottle with better results.

So today I printed up the labels and Irene is packing up the gift bags just in time for the holidays.

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H2K11.1: A Pumpkin Porter


As mentioned last time, this past weekend we brewed a pumpkin porter using a recipe from Extreme Brewing by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head. The brew process went fairly smoothly, the one hitch being one we had encountered before: it takes a really long time for 4 gallons to come to a boil on our stove. This extended the brew day a little bit more than anticipated.

In fact, with the cooking of the pumpkin and the partial mash, it took about as long as it did when we were doing all grain. For a while there the whole house had a lovely pumpkiny smell about it. Soon to be replaced with the familiar malt/hop smell I so love when brewing.

This beer should be ready just in time for the holidays to be given out to deserving family and loved ones.

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