About Us

The Broman Brewing Company began brewing quality beer in 2010 after a passion for the fantastic beer found in and around Washington state was taken to it’s logical conclusion.

It all started with a birthday present from The Brooklyn Brew Shop. We jumped head first into the deep end without realizing by starting with an all-grain recipe for a Belgian Tripel, and apart from a little over-carbonation, it was a roaring success.

Our second batch was an all-grain IPA that called for dry hopping. Since we were using one-stage fermenting in glass carboy at the time this proved to be a difficult and messy proposition. But again, it ended up being a fantastic beer with a powerful hoppy flavor.

After taking a class at Cellar Home Brew we decided to step back from the brink and stick with extract brewing for the time being. I’m sure we’ll dip our toe back in the all-grain pool eventually, but for now we continue to brew happily away, trying new recipes every time.

—Ken & Irene Broman

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