Because Life Is Too Short For Bad Beer

Far too many people drink the watered down, mass produced swill that passes for beer in this country and we think that’s a shame.

So we’ve taken our love of quality beer to it’s logical conclusion: brewing our own. Poke around and if you are inspired you might find a recipe or two.


Family-Friendly Breweries In Washington State


Being the parents of a young child and avid beer drinkers, my wife and I are always looking for family-friendly places we can both indulge our hobby and bring along the little one. Fortunately a lot of the breweries around us fit the bill. A lot, but not all.

More than once we’ve driven to a brewery only to find a “No Minors” sign on the door. My wish is that breweries would list this kind of information on their web sites but that is usually not the case. (Small digression: Dear breweries, if you have a tap room open to the public, please post that prominently on your web site along with pertinent information like opening hours and family-friendliness.)

So I’ve started to keep track of the family-friendly breweries in Washington. If it’s on this list, we have not only visited the brewery, but brought our child along as well. If you know differently or have a brewery that’s not on the list, let me know and we’ll check it out. I will continue to update the collection as we try more breweries.

I present here my Everplaces collection of Family-Friendly Breweries in Washington State.

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